Sajha Sawal Episode 463 – Development of Karnali

Watch the 463rd Sajha Sawal episode discussing issues of development in Karnali, one of the zones located in the Mid-Western Development Region of Nepal.

Bidhya Chapagain discusses Karnali Development issues in the presence of Min Bahadur Shahi, Tula Raj Bista, Satya Pahadi, and an audience of around 250 local people from the region.

Watch the full video of the episode below.

Development of Karnali – Sajha Sawal Video

Few of the guests present at the Karnali episode of Sajha Sawal include;

Min Bahadur Shahi, KIRDARC

Karnali Integrated Rural Development and Research Centre

Min Bahadur Shahi Karnali NGO KIRDARC Director Sajha Sawal Episode

Tula Raj Bista, Communist Party of Nepal (UML)

Tula Raj Bista, Communist Party of Nepal Sajha Sawal Karnali Episode

Satya Pahadi, member of Constituent Assembly of Nepal

She was born in Karnali and representing Maoists in the CA.

Satya Pahadi Sajha Sawal Karnali Episode

Promo Video – Sajha Sawal episode 463

You can also watch the promotional video of episode 463 below.

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