Sajha Sawal Episode 462 – One Year of Constitution

Watch the 462nd Sajha Sawal episode discussing issues of Nepali constitution and people expectations from the politicians.

Nepal has already seen two Governments since the new constitution was published last year. The conversation looks into people frustrations about how less has been achieved by the Government in the past years.

Sajha Sawal Episode 462 Nepal Constitution Issue

Joining the conversation are Minister for Information and Communications, Ram Karki and central member of CPN-UML, Gokarna Raj Bista among others.

Watch the full video of the episode below.

One Year of Constitution in Nepal – Sajha Sawal

You can also watch the promotional video of episode 462 below.

Promo Video – Sajha Sawal episode 462

What do you think of the issue? Leave your comments about the episode below.

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